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Relax. We Got This.

Relax. We Got This.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Starting at $145 a Month

There is a lot of work that goes into pool maintenance, that's why Clear Pool Solutions focuses on your needs so that you save time, money and frustrations.  Maintaining and protecting your investment is what we do best, our weekly pool service keeps your swimming pool clean, clear and healthy which ensures safe swimming water for you and your family.

Clear Pool Solutions provides a full service weekly maintenance program at an economical price that allows you to enjoy your swimming pool without the hassle of weekly maintenance  Our weekly services include:


  • Complete Water Analysis

  • Maintain Chemical Levels

  • Administer Top of the Line Chemicals (basic chemicals included)


  • Empty Skimmer & Pump Baskets

  • Skim Surface and Bottom Debris

  • Brush Walls & Steps

  • Vacuum Pool Floor (as needed)


  • Inspect Equipment for Proper Operation

  • Backwash Filter

  • Clean Salt Cell

  • Lube Backwash Piston O-rings & Lid O-rings


  • Excellent & Clear Communication

  • Top Quality Products & Knowledgeable Staff

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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