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The Clear Solution for all your pool repairs

The Clear Solution for all your pool repairs.

We Give You More Than a Working Pool.  We Give You Back Your Happy Place.

We know how important your pool is to you, that's why we make sure to offer reliable and professional repair and installation services.  Our experts evaluate the problems fast and provide affordable quotes so you can get back to relaxing and enjoying your swimming pool.

Pool Repair and Equipment Install

Don't let a broken part prevent you from enjoying your pool and waste more money on easy fixes!  We offer convenient swimming pool repair services at rates you can afford.  Whether you have a broken pump, busted valves, leaking plumbing, non-functional heater, or a broken or malfunctioning filter system, our skilled technicians are standing by to handle your needs:

  • Variable Speed Pumps

  • Single Speed Pumps

  • Filters

  • Gas Heaters

  • Heat Pumps

  • Automation Systems

  • Timers

  • Plumbing

  • Salt Systems

  • Lighting

  • And Much More!

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